Board of Directors

The Arizona Italian-American Board of Directors

Executive Board

Pete Melucci

Founder / President

Pete Melucci is of full-blooded Italian descent. His great-grandparents came through Ellis Island in the early 1900s. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and moved to the southwest in 1997. He has spent the majority of his life in the construction and real estate industries. He is currently a Senior Vice President with a construction consulting organization and operates a small business in the real estate space. Pete sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Italian-American Chamber of Commerce. His joys are his family, friends, and the desire to galvanize the Italian-American community. Pete Melucci is also the Regional Vice President of the Southwest Region with the National Italian-American Foundation.

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Massimo Sommacampagna

Vice President

Massimo was born in Bolzano, Italy and migrated with his parents as a young boy to Arizona. Massimo’s business specialty is encompassed in the infill and urban land development aspect of real estate. He is the founder of a local Phoenix development company that constructs residential town-home properties. He is a licensed real estate agent and general contractor in Arizona. Massimo is part of various boards and committees in the valley, volunteering his time for the betterment of the community.

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Lissa Druss

Board Member

For more than 30 years, Lissa Druss has established a powerful reputation as a highly seasoned communications strategist, crisis management leader, and nine-time Emmy award-winning television journalist with a strong reputation for building and advising relationships with federal, state, and local government relations. Since joining the national premier hospitality management company, Riot Hospitality Group (RHG), in 2019, Lissa has led national government relations, industry relations, and external communications in every RHG city. She is the executive director of the company’s foundation, Riot Gives Back and leads the nonprofit organization Scottsdale Downtown Association—a coalition of business owners in the Entertainment District.

In 2018, Lissa received one of the highest honors from the Italian government: induction as a Cavaliere dell’ Ordine della Stella d’Italia, or Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy. Born and raised in Chicago, Lissa earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona. 


Advisory Board

Dan Mattioli

Advisory Board Member

Dan Mattioli is a second generation Italian-American, New York native and sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Italian-American Chamber of Commerce.  After his competitive corporate career as a technology executive, he now owns and manages a successful energy company in Arizona. Dan is actively involved with real estate investments and charities in pursuit of his mission to promote the principles of community, compassion, and truth by serving others. His background and passion for Italian culture makes him a valuable member of our Italian-American community.

Dan Marianino

Advisory Board Member

Danny Marianino came to Arizona during the 1990’s.  Originally from New Jersey, both his parents are Italian-American.  He currently has a position with a large integrated payments company.  Previously, he was the owner/operator of his own small business retail furniture store.    Danny serves as an Advisory Board Member for the AZ Italian American Chamber of Commerce and a Film Programmer for the Phoenix Film Festival.    He is a true “people person” with a passion for our culture.  He enjoys music, movies, and television in his spare time.

Al Carfora

Honorary Emeritus Member (Founder/Past President)

Al Carfora was an Italian-American Brooklyn, New York native. After a long and fruitful career in the wholesale food business, he retired in Gilbert, Arizona. His C-suite experience and extensive travels enabled a wealth of knowledge. He was a member of NIAF, OSDIA and various other Italian-American organizations. Al sat on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Italian-American Chamber of Commerce. Al’s love of our culture, affable personality and high level of commitment made him a valuable asset for almost initiative. Al’s passion for the Italian American community is the basis for the Chamber and is a strong pillar that drives the organization forward.

* No board member of the Arizona Italian American Chamber of Commerce is financially compensated in any manner whatsoever for any of their efforts